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MRT Lawn & Garden Center has the largest selection of pottery in ALL colors, sizes, and shapes!

Glazed Pottery

MRT Lawn and Garden Center has glazed pottery from China, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Even though our glazed pottery pieces from China, Vietnam, and Malaysia might look similar, they have very unique differences such as the process in which they are constructed. For example, Chinese glazed pottery and Malaysian glazed pottery are much lighter in weight than Vietnamese glazed pottery. Furthermore, glazed pottery from China has very uniform and consistent glazes, while pottery from Vietnam has less uniformity in the colors used and the pottery appears more rustic.

Lightweight Resin

MRT Lawn and Garden Center carries lightweight resin pottery from Crescent Garden and Esteras. From either or both companies, we stock lightweight resin large bowls, vases, water features, round large planters, and square large planters. Lightweight resin pottery is a great alternative to glazed pottery for people who are looking for a container that they plan on moving frequently, or are looking for a container that has a matte finish and not a glossy finish like the glazed pottery that we stock. Our lightweight resin pottery usually comes in neutral earth tone colors such as grey, beige, tan, and black.

Talavera Pottery

All of the Talavera pottery pieces MRT Lawn and Garden Center stocks is created by artisans in the Mexican State of Puebla, and in the city Dolores Hidalgo. Each piece of Talavera we stock has been painted individually by artisans that are highly skilled and fired in a kiln twice (once before it is painted and once after it is painted) to ensure that each piece is durable and meets their construction standards. No two Talavera pieces are exactly the same – they each differ slightly in their shape, size, color, firing marks, and texture. The Talavera pottery pieces that MRT Lawn and Garden Center stocks have been handcrafted by master artisans that have passed their techniques along since the 16thcentury.

Terracotta Pottery

MRT Lawn and Garden Center carry Terracotta pottery that was created from the inspiration of thousand-year-long techniques from Italy. MRT receives the bulk of its Terracotta Pottery from Deroma, which produces and manufactures pottery in Italy. Even though Terracotta pottery reaches back thousands of years in its initial design and uses, MRT strives to provide a balance between traditional Terracotta pottery and more modern styles of Terracotta pottery. Terracotta pottery fits very well in Venice, FL, in sticking with the Venetian home décor theme that many of the residents of Venice like to display.


MRT Lawn and Garden Center has hundreds and hundreds of pieces of stone statuary in stock at any given time. Athens Stonecasting and Massarelli’s are two of the largest and most reputable vendors that MRT receives it's concrete and stone statuary from. The majority of the stone and concrete statuary MRT keeps in stock is made in the United States of America and is hand-crafted. Due to our stone and concrete statuary products being hand-made, no two pieces are always identical due to variations in color, shape, size, and texture. MRT also carries statuary that are water features, such as animal statuary pieces that have water jets that can pump water into a pond for any desired aesthetic effect.


The majority of the fountains that MRT Lawn and Garden Center keeps in stock are made in the United States of America and come from either Massarelli’s or Athens Stonecasting. In addition to the large stone and concrete fountains that MRT stocks, MRT also offers lightweight resin fountains, decorative tabletop fountains, and the parts and accessories necessary for anyone to construct their own water feature in their yard. MRT sells replacement pumps and cleaning kits for fountains of many different makes. MRT offers delivery and installation on fountains which makes getting a large fountain home easier for everyone!

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