MRT COVID-19 Update

MRT COVID-19 Update

To our friends and valued customers,

We would like to thank everyone for their support during these trying times. Your email inbox is probably full of messages from businesses explaining everything they are doing in light of COVID-19, so we will keep it short. This email is being sent to address the precautions that both MRT stores are taking to ensure the safety of their customers and employees. At this point, both MRT locations will remain open with normal business hours for the foreseeable future.

Due to the developments of COVID-19, MRT has become a "touch free" environment and MRT staff members are taking extra steps to ensure the highest levels of sanitation of retail and office spaces. All shopping carts are being sanitized after each use, all entry and exit points of both facilities have automatic doors, and the checkout process is now "touch free" for customers who pay with credit card. MRT cashiers have been given permission by MRT management to sign for customer's credit card transactions with the customer's permission so that customers will only have to insert their credit card to pay. All cashier stations including computers and credit card pin pads are sanitized on a rotating basis multiple times per hour.

Both MRT locations will remain open for the foreseeable future because of the uniqueness of the business. There is a significant amount of retail space that is outside at the Venice and Port Charlotte location, which allows people to easily practice the six foot distance recommendation while staying outside in the warm weather. In addition to the outside plants, pottery, concrete statuary, soils, and rock, both MRT locations sell essential cleaning supplies and hardware items that homeowners rely on. Effective immediate, MRT is offering free curbside pickup in addition to the delivery and planting options that are already offered.

We are recommending that all employees and customers keep from having close contact with one another while at either MRT location. If you have any questions about curbside pickup or the "touch free" environment, please check our Facebook page, visit our website, call us, or email us.


David Taylor, Owner
MRT Companies