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Container gardening is our answer to the big backyard garden we had “back home. ” Even the smallest patio or porch or lanai is perfect for a crop of vegetables, a garden of flowers or a simple houseplant when grown in a container. The container is limited only by your imagination.

Cold weather slows down the growth of palms, reduces the activity of the roots, and often weakens the plant to the point where a disease can become active and kill the palm. Severe cold damage destroys plant tissues and may severely reduce water conduction in the trunk for years.

Winter temperatures are frequently low enough to cause cold injury to plants. Subtropical plants can acclimate -- become accustomed to a new climate -- to substantially below freezing.

Don't Just Ditch the Tree

The relatives are gone, the kids are back in school, and the Christmas tree has shed its last needle. Yes, it's the end of the holiday season and time to say good-bye to your once live and beautiful tree. But don't just throw it on the trash heap (or into your neighbor's yard at 3 am).