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Build a Brick Barbecue

The benefits of building a brick barbecue are multifold. A brick barbecue can accent your patio beautifully, and the brick design blends well with any garden setting. Not only does it look great, but it can give any ordinary food a delicious flavor.

Fallproof Your Roof

As fall blows into town, take a look at your roof and see what needs to be pruned from nearby trees. Limbs that grew during the summer may be hanging down too close. If branches are actually hitting the roof, they can trap moisture and cause mildew.

The pink hibiscus mealybug is a serious pest of many plants in tropical and subtropical regions. Adult mealybugs are small and pink in body color and covered with a waxy secretion. Freshly-laid eggs are orange, becoming pink before they hatch.

Container gardening is our answer to the big backyard garden we had “back home. ” Even the smallest patio or porch or lanai is perfect for a crop of vegetables, a garden of flowers or a simple houseplant when grown in a container. The container is limited only by your imagination.